Sunday, October 4, 2009

Back in Eugene!!!!

So im back in eugene!!!yay!I happy to be back at school, ive missed everyone here! :) ...this summer was a hard summer for me for many reasons...but i learned a lot and feel blessed to learn from it all. It is amazing how much having faith in my SAVIOR Jesus Christ can do! :) I've never felt closer to my Heavenly Father and for that I feel overwhelmed with joy. I have a feeling this year may be crazy in some ways ;) but im ready and excited for the future! I dunno where i will be in a year or what i will do...but i know that i will be guided and im never alone. I'm so blessed to have my wonderful family who i love dearly and miss...and so blessed for my amazing best friend amalitta as well. I miss u sad we didnt get to hang out much over the summer but i know we will have time together soon. I also just wana say im SOOOOO happy and excited for my dear friend Allie (congrats..and you are amazing!). Thanks to all of you who have been there for me, supported me, and helped me smile ;) (you know who u are ha). Love you!!!xoxo pics from school:
Me and Sarah!!! :)

My lovely purple curtains haha

My "reading" corner haha...i love scripture! :)

Love and Happiness... =)

me and wayyyy to much stuff haha
I MISS YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ps-bffe...thank you...6months yay! ;)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's almost summer!!!!

Hello :)

Sooo....I can't believe how fast this year has gone by!!!! (well kinda...haha). I would say not much has happened...ok that is a complete lie...shame on me haha. A LOT has happened this year, and it has been tough, extremely hard, exciting, wonderful, and oh so worth it!!!! ;). I'm excited for summer and to hang out with my friends...especially my BFFE who i miss dearly! and yeah....thats all i feel like saying at the moment haha. Love and miss you vinny. see you soooon. ps-im excited to see you too melissa :)

the official day ;) ... :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

my best friend

hi :)
So last night i was able to spend the night with my best friend (finally haha) which made me very happy :). I love her so much and dunno what I'd do with out her. Its funny how we dont have to do anything, or even talk yet still have a good night. We were gonna go see a movie, then go bowling...but no....instead we go to the river and listen to country music haha. We dont have to say a word to eachother but we know that we are both there for one another, and thats all that matters. We had nothing to worry bout when I left for school, because our friendship def. hasnt weakened but only gotten stronger haha...I love you best friend. You are an amazing friend and im so blessed to have you in my life :). ...thank you. xoxo

Monday, February 9, 2009


My Best Friend (BFFE)

I think this pic sums up our friendship....haha

me trying to float in the sculpture

amalitta could do it haha

awe.... :)

Alright so I was super excited this weekend cuz I got to see my BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD! I've missed her so much and being the friend that she is, she drove 4 and half hours to come and visit me in Oregon (Thanks Bestie). We had a pretty fun weekend....we didn't do much other than another amazing biking adventure. It was fun, we made lunches, put them in my basket on my bike...and we were off! haha. We took plenty of fun pictures and had fun video taping us being our goofy selves haha (which turned out to be a funny movie :)...haha). We were gonna find a cute place to eat on the river however my dear BFFE fell and pretty sure broke her finger trying to jump onto a slippery was hilarious i have to admit....i got it on video hahahahaha.....(her finger is not so pretty now considering that is how she caught herself....oh dear). We ended up eating on a giant rock away from the dangerous slippery rocks along the river haha but we had a lot of fun. We went to dinner with my friends at a cute little Italian restaurant...Bebe gaints or something (ok thats not the name i don't speak Italian haha). Dinner was fun and we had plenty of laughs...there were some really cute guys sitting near by with amazing accents that made our hearts melt was fun. Overall, I had a good weekend, my best friend cheered me up and reminded me once again how blessed I am to have her in my life. I miss her already but will be talking to her later so its not so bad haha. I love you Amalitta! So yeah....i had a great weekend and just want to say i love life and.... 2 more months...hehe. love u bffe. Hope you all have a happy cuz ur loved :) :) xoxo ps- sis if you read this i love you mucho and miss you and all the fam too!!! xoxo

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Trip home for Winterfest ;)

Erica and Chelsea admiring my horsies :)
I got to see my BFFE!!! exciting :)

Me and my crazy friends from Oregon...haha

Me and Erica
Well, I'm doing everything I can to avoid homework so I decided I should write about my weekend. I'm so happy I got to come for Winterfest. It was fun because I brought my roommate Chelsea and my other friend was the first time Chelsea had been to Washington! Chelsea (other friend chelsea haha....its confusing) drove us back up to Washington, after a LOT of car problems we finally made it. Friday night was fun because my best friend spent the night with us and she got to meet my Oregon friends who practically already knew her haha. We had fun, although I don't think we ever actually did anything....other than Erica and Amalitta making me do a 1 push-up.....i know its sad I can't do one push-up okay jeeze haha....i was SO SORE the next day. Anyway, Saturday we went to my brother's basketball game which was fun. Erica enjoyed especially was funny she was getting stressed and anxious cuz it was a close game. Then we decided we should dye Chelsea's hair (it was purple/red color), although it didn't seem to change haha....oh well. Saturday night was great because we got to see Winterfest! I was impressed by the show, everyone did a great job. I thought my best friend did a freaking amazing job on her solo, and my sisters too! Everyone looked great on stage. Erica was impressed with the dancing and Amalitta's choreography :).....good job bestie. It was weird to watch the show and not be in it though :( . I'm so glad we came to see it! It was nice to see my family too....I miss them and love them dearly! We took the train back...which was an interesting ride back haha (long story). Monday since we had no school, Erica and I rode our bikes to the river and wrote our papers that were due along side the river (how cute haha). We were there for about 4 hours!!Then we had to leave cuz i was frozen, but it was a gorgeous day. Well that was basically my weekend :). I love and miss you all and wish you a smiley day :) xoxoxo

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Back at School :)

Hey guys! you all know I'm back in Oregon!!!! I thought I'd include a picture of my dorm since its a lil more decorated and of course colorful :). I'm excited I have a hot pink chair that swivels....its kinda distracting haha. I'm definetly stocked up on food that is for sure! I love roomie when she walked in was like Oh my GOSH (haha) wow Nikky, cuz my WHOLE shelf is filled with food....oh jeeze. But I have to eat right? Anyway, I'm glad to be back in Oregon. I loved seeing my family and siblings but at the same time i like my freedom and missed my friends here as well. And I've officially decided i hate 8AM classe!!!ugh, my stretch class is kinda teacher is very odd, and i'm definetly more flexible than she is...its sad. But its an easy class....i get a sticker for coming early haha (its like kindergarten all over again!). I'm glad i'm taking more dance classes t his term cuz i've missed it. Well....i'm not sure what else is to say other than I'm super excited to see winterfe9st next weekend, and that Chelsea is coming to visit me next Wed. and then driving me, Chelsea (my roomie), and Erica back up to Washington to see the show! :) It'll be fun and everyone can meet my crazy friend Erica and my roomie! Well, I've got to get ready for ballet so thats about all I'll say for now. Love and miss you all! xoxoxo have a super smiley wonderful day :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fun Day :)

Walking in a Winterwonderland (seattle haha)
Smiles :)

The Moracon Restaurant

Ice Skating :)

HI! :)

So, I have to admit that Saturday was pretty fun. To celebrate my best friend's birthday we had quite a day haha. We went ice skating, went to Bellevue Square Mall, and then went to a Moracon Restaurant in Seattle for dinner. It was quite a day and soo much fun. I hadn't been ice skating in very long time....and i only fell ONCE (despite what titta says haha)!!!yeah...go me haha! (i'm proud of myself). Shopping was fun....although I wish I had money to spend....and if only i didn't find several things I couldn't get now... ;). The Moracon Restaurant was a lot of fun too, and def. an adventure. I just liked how both me and Melissa got to sit on pillows on the floor, while everyone else got to sit on the bench.....thanks guys haha jk....Melissa and I enjoyed the floor (kinda haha)! Overall I'd say we had a pretty fun day and then had some more fun that night playing hide n go seek (yeah...i know its sad....but we can never be too old for that game haha). I will say I did NOT like being scared to death by my bestie though....with her stupid Christmas tree hiding place haha...jk it was a pretty good hiding place ha. So yeah...I must say I enjoyed hanging out with a bunch of my favorite people on Sat. Love you Jessica, and the rest of ya! Love you best friend and hope you had a merry birthday celebration haha and Melissa you are pretty amazing too :). Merry Christmas....yikes thats NEXT WEEK!!!! xoxoxo peace n love